My sons first Harley
Brought my son into Mike Bruno's because he wanted to hang up the dirt bike so he could ride with me. We purchased a 05 1200 Sporty Custom. Great starter bike for him. I tried to stay in the background as much as possible so my son received the full experience. He had an absolutely great experience. All questions were answered and it was great to see the entire Bruno's team involved in this sale working with him to make sure the fit was right and that all his questioned were answered and absolutely NO PRESSURE. For me that was the most important part - 0 pressure. Thanks also to Cody, Grizz,Morgan,Gabriela, Mike and Bubba. Bubba did a great job when delivering the bike making sure my son received answers to any questions and gave him an excellent walk through on the bike. I know I missed a few people but like I said the Bruno's team was involved. So now there are 4 Harley's in the garage and I need a bigger garage. (Employee: Thomas "TK" Knox, Cody Cathey, Morgan Patterson, Gabriela "Gabby" Coleman, Michael Griffin, Richard "Bubba" Ard)
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Robert Hull
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