Morgan and Bristol saved the sale
I could write a list of complaints about how things were handled and name names of those who Id complain about, or I could take this chance to brag on(some of) the sales team. Without Morgan nor Bristol, this sale wouldve not been made. Any time I needed help understanding something, Bristol made sure I was taken care of. I didnt feel rushed by him to do the sale, and he didnt try to strong-arm me into a deal I didnt want to make. He was kind. Morgan has also been a saint. Like Bristol, she helped and made sure I understood everything I needed to on the day of the sale. Even after the sale and without any further obligation to, Morgan continues to extend a helping hand to me. She helped me correct something with HD financing that, in hindsight, I couldve done myself but she made it easier to get through and understand. Without these two, I wouldve walked from the sale. Before they stepped in, I felt out of my budget, too far from my monthly, and felt like I was being forced into buying the bike as quickly as possible. Im gonna repeat it and put it in big letters so whoever reads this, understands. WITHOUT MORGAN NOR BRISTOL, MIKE BRUNOS WOULDVE LOST A SALE Seriously. I set up a test ride with another company the day I bought my bike. It was in my price range and hit what I wanted as a monthly. Because of Morgan and Bristol, Im happy with my purchase. Had they not realized the sale was walking and had they not stepped in at the right time, Id be riding an Indian today. Im thankful Im not Thanks for taking the time to read this! (Employee: Morgan Patterson, Bristol McKee)
Leland Thomas
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